International projects: teamwork around the world

Mit mehr als 50 Tochtergesellschaften ist SICK international vertreten. Um unseren Kunden die besten Lösungen zu bieten, arbeiten die Mitarbeiter der einzelnen Tochtergesellschaften im Konzern eng zusammen. Gerade in großen Kundenprojekten gehört ein täglicher Austausch dazu. Cory Mahoney, einer unserer Vertriebsmitarbeiter in Kanada, erzählt uns im Interview wie sich internationale Zusammenarbeit gestaltet und was sein Job für ihn ausmacht:



SICK Karriere: Cory, for how long have you been working with SICK?

Cory: I have been working for SICK for 2,5 years.


SICK Karriere: How were you prepared for your job as a Regional Sales Manager for Western Canada?

Cory: I have a long history of sales experience in many industries as well as handling Western Canada for a manufacturer’s representative company just prior to SICK. This gives me an insight into what our representatives require for support.

Since joining SICK I have been sent to many forms of product training and sales training (so called SICK Sales Power Trainings) that have given me the tools needed to be successful in this role.

Calgary Office

SICK Karriere: How important is international collaboration of the particular SICK organizations for you?

Cory: International collaboration is crucial to SICK in Canada. It has become far more common for Canadian companies to have their engineering done in other countries (US, Spain, Italy etc.) which means that some decisions end up being made without Canadian influence. In these situations, we need to rely on the SICK subsidiary that is in charge for the region and is able to handle and cover parts of the projects for us.


SICK Karriere: How does this collaboration look like in your daily business?

Cory: This collaboration can look a few different ways. The most common is working with the US since their market is so similar to ours. We leverage them for expertise, references and even have had some of their team come up and join us on sales calls.

We have also worked with other SICK subsidiaries on major projects. Recently we were successful on a 400,000 Euro project that was built in Canada but engineered overseas. The customer in Canada had significant influence but so did the engineering firm overseas, which involved a high level of involvement from the local SICK subsidiary. We were in contact on a daily basis for a long time and eventually managed to secure the project. It was a huge win for SICK and would not have been possible without the international collaboration.


SICK Karriere: Which was the most important project for you during your career at SICK and why? Could you describe it briefly?

Cory: The most important project of my career at SICK, I think, would have to be the previously mentioned project. To me it was the most important due fitting in so well with our corporate strategy, that the customer was one of my largest customers, the complexity of the project and that there had to be such a high level of cooperation internationally. I love the challenge and, it was a very challenging project to say the least! It was a lot of fun and turned into a huge win for both subsidiaries and SICK in general.


SICK Karriere: Thank you for your time, Cory!


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