Consulting and design
Safety hardware design

Selection and interconnection of suitable safety components

Your Benefits

  • Saves time and resources thanks to the involvement of experienced SICK experts
  • Provides greater safety by implementing measures for avoiding and controlling systematic errors
  • Incorporates all technologies (pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical) for comprehensive service
  • High level of quality thanks to standardized processes and sustainable competency management


Selection and interconnection of suitable safety components

Suitable components for the safety-related part of the control system must be selected based on the safety concept, and the interconnection of these components must be determined. Experts from SICK not only help with this, but they also verify whether the safety functions actually meet the required safety level. All technologies, such as pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical, are taken into account. The review not only involves the quantitative calculation of the safety level, but it also includes the definition of measures to be taken against systematic errors.

At a glance
  • Selection and interconnection of suitable components
  • Specification of measures for controlling and avoiding systematic errors
  • Determination and verification of the safety level
  • Hardware concept specification
  • Creation of a SISTEMA project file


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